Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission

The Cayuga Vocal Ensemble shares our passion for choral music with the Ithaca community and surrounding region through performances that exemplify music’s unique power to touch the human heart and mind.

As a small, professionally trained choral ensemble, we offer outstanding performances of diverse repertoire reaching across genres, time periods, and cultures, and bringing to varied audiences a deeper understanding and broader appreciation for choral music.


The CVE will be recognized as Ithaca’s premiere chamber choral ensemble. We will be valued for our commitment to enriching the cultural landscape of Ithaca and the surrounding area, our connectedness to the Ithaca community, and our dedication to innovative collaborations with artists or other musical groups to bring unique and varied musical experiences to our community.


Musical excellence
We strive to engage in performance of exceptional quality across the broadest possible spectrum of musical genres. We value excellent musicianship that includes interpretation of the text, context of the music, and intent of the music to convey emotion.

In order to create a unique shared musical experience from which every participant benefits, we value connecting with each other, our collaborators, our audiences, and the broader community.

Our passion for musical expression starts with each other during the process of concert preparation, and we strive to communicate that experience and energy to our audiences during performances. We want to reach, inspire, and engage our audiences through exploration of a wide range of emotions. We want our audiences to feel entertained, moved, exhilarated, and surprised.

We contribute to the enduring legacy of choral music for current and future generations and promote appreciation of choral music as a distinct art form.

Diversity Statemant
The Cayuga Vocal Ensemble is committed to the highest levels of artistic expression and to promoting diversity and representation in the music performed, the performing artists, the
audience and those behind the scenes. We believe that diversity is an integral component to
the music making process and we are committed to maintaining an environment that is open to all.