5 thoughts on “2016-17 Concert Season Discussion

  1. Hey folks, I encourage you to add your thoughts to the conversation regarding CVE’s 2016-17 season. Certain things are “in stone”, but other things are still under discussion, among them:

    *Themes and/or repertoire for holiday concert (a cappella, so as to be “portable” and stay on budget)
    *Possible venues besides Cortland’s Grace Church (December 4) for the holiday concert
    *March 2017 event – are we still bullish about a full-fledged Cabaret in March, much like the one we did this year?
    *Late spring – tentative plans are to do a concert with chamber orchestra, possibly collaborating with a local church for a portion (St. Catherine’s is the most likely target.) Bach cantata? What other suggestions might there be for 20 voices with small orchestra?

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  2. Hello!

    I’ll start things off with two suggestions for major works.

    Fauré’s “Requiem in D minor” is one I would love to sing, and uses a minimal orchestra, or can just be done with organ.
    The second piece I would like to submit is Richard Einhorn’s “Voices of Light.” This could really be more of an event. This was written as a score to the silent film, “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” The film is typically screened with the performance, so the audience sees the film and gets a live performance of the score. I *think* Cornell Cinema did this 15 years ago or so? Anyway, I think a performance like this could a) really sell some tickets, and b) bring in an audience that is outside our norm. Might also be an opportunity to combine forces with other groups, maybe CCO or ICO? Info about performing the work is here: http://www.richardeinhorn.com/VOL/VOLPerformInfo.HTML

    Concerning other venues, here’s a crazy thought. Have y’all ran across Silo Sessions? Silo City, in Buffalo, is an emerging artists’ area owned by some rich guy who bought a whole bunch of old grain silos. Musicians have been using the silos for sight-specific sound installations. Silo Sessions has been recording musicians inside the silos and their awesome acoustics (I had the opportunity to vocalize in one myself a couple years back — a bass clarinetist snuck me in — it was incredible). Here is a vid of a performance of “Non Più Andrai” from “Le Nozze Di Figaro.” https://vimeo.com/128501823



    • Thanks Dan – for some reason I didn’t get notified about your comment until after I discovered it was there and approved it… perhaps we can work together to figure out how to make sure comments get posted in a timely manner. The Faure is definitely in the realm of doable, in fact I think CVE did it during Larry’s tenure. It is one of my favorite pieces. I’ve actually sung the Einhorn – it’s a terrific work, but requires a large orchestra and chorus if memory serves. Not sure it’s a good match for our little group – but perhaps a combined effort with the Community Chorus or something. I’ll look at the Silo Sessions – sounds really interesting, although Buffalo is a bit of a schlep. Anyway, keep these great ideas coming!

  3. I know someone with a silo right here in town! Rather rustic though (gotta climb down, dirt floor, etc). Plus she probably wouldn’t want a whole slew of people showing up and milling about her lawn while some strangers occupied the silo…

    But I vocalized and sang some notes there once and it was so cool…

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